In the Media

Even a pandemic cannot temper the vicious brutality of Iran’s regime

By the Washington Post Editorial Board READ

The mullahs are interfering in the US elections

By Reza Behrouz and Shervan Fashandi READ

Iran Nuclear Deal is a Thing of the Past, Not of the Future 

By Reza Behrouz and Shervan Fashandi READ

Coronavirus epidemic in Iran: The US must do more

By Daniel Jafari, Reza Behrouz, Shervan Fashandi READ

Ukrainian plane crash: the anatomy of a cover-up

By Kaveh Taheri and Kamran Ayazi READ

The Real Warmongers in Washington

By Reza Behrouz READ

Europeans should ditch JCPOA in light of German intelligence report: Experts

By Arab News READ

Mosaddegh: The Coup That Failed

By Shervan Fashandi and Reza Behrouz READ

Teaching at Princeton — with blood on his hand

By Reza Behrouz and Peter Kohanloo READ

Coronavirus has gone global, but In Iran, it’s the Khamenei virus

By Reza Behrouz READ

A Chernobyl Moment in Tehran

By Shayan Arya and Nir Boms READ
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