Official Statement by Iranian Americans for Liberty on Threatening E-mails Sent by the Iranian Regime to American Voters

October 22, 2020

On Wednesday, October 21, 2020, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that the Islamic Republic regime in Iran was responsible for a series of emails sent to intimidate US voters ahead of the November 3 presidential elections. The ominous emails allegedly instructed registered Democratic voters to “change your affiliation to Republican” and “vote for Trump” or else face consequences.

The Iranian Americans for Liberty is deeply concerned about such intrusion in our democracy by a hostile regime. We hold the Islamic Republic’s Ministries of Intelligence and Foreign Affairs, both operating in coordination with the designated terrorist entity the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, responsible for this cyberterrorist attack against the American people.

The Islamic Republic regime’s intimidation campaigns are nothing new. Over the past two decades, Iranian-American dissidents have been targeted and threatened by regime operatives on social media or via direct contact. In the past two weeks in particular, the Islamic Republic’s henchmen have specifically targeted vocal critics of the regime in the US, threatening them with abduction and transport to Iran to “face trial.”

The regime’s disinformation operations go back to the early 21st century, when a so-called “echo chamber” ostensibly financed by the Islamic Republic was created to force upon the American people the unsound and defective Iran Nuclear Deal. That campaign infiltrated the US Government at the time and was compounded by the regime’s intricate network of lobbyists and talking heads in the US. The current campaign of disinformation targeting US elections is being fortified by the same syndicates and cadre of individuals.

The Iranian Americans for Liberty urges the US Government and law enforcement to pursue this matter diligently in order to prevent future attacks by the Islamic Republic regime meant to compromise the elections, terrorize the American people, and undermine our democracy. We also implore all American people – particularly the Iranian-American community, to be conscientious about the regime’s malevolent intents and coercive campaigns. 

We ask the American people and in particular Iranian-Americans to reconsider their support for campaigns and politicians advocating for blinding trust in the Islamic Republic as a responsible actor, and for those who have repeatedly announced plans to unconditionally return to the negotiating table with a regime that has been founded upon hatred for America; one that has never shown any compunction in endangering American lives and global security.

In solidarity,

Iranian Americans for Liberty

Published by US Iran Policy Observer

A Foreign Policy Forum for Iranian Americans

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