Official Statement by Iranian Americans for Liberty in Reaction to a Recent Article Written by a Member of NIAC

Iranian Americans for Liberty

October 26, 2020

The Iranian Americans for Liberty issues this statement in reaction to an appalling opinion article published in Al Jazeera with the title, “What the US election means for Iranian Americans.”

We found ourselves compelled to react due to a multitude of issues that surround this article including who the author is, the nature of the organization he represents, and the platform on which it was published.

The author, Sina Toossi is a former (and possibly current) protégé of Hossein Mousavian. Mr. Mousavian is an ex-Islamic Republic diplomat who currently resides in the US and acts as an agent of influence for the regime under the disguise of a “scholar” at Princeton University. He was the Islamic Republic’s Ambassador to Germany when four Iranian dissidents were assassinated in central Berlin in 1992. This act of terror was directly linked to the Islamic Republic regime at its highest echelons of power, and it is highly suspected that Mr. Mousavian was aware of the plot and complicit in its orchestration and execution.

Mr. Toossi currently works as a Senior Research Analyst for the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). There is ample evidence to suggest NIAC at some point acted as the Islamic Republic’s de facto lobby in Washington DC. Today, NIAC primarily functions as a propaganda apparatus for the regime in Iran. As such, the organization only represents a minute segment of Iranian Americans. NIAC often deceptively proclaims it represents the Iranian American community as a whole. It certainly and unequivocally does not. In reality, a large number of Iranian Americans view NIAC as part of a malevolent syndicate linked to the Islamic Republic regime.

The platform that published Mr. Toossi’s column is also suspect. Al Jazeera is a controversial media company that is seemingly tasked with disseminating propaganda that favors the State of Qatar and its allies, including the regime in Iran. Recently, the Justice Department ordered a digital news network based in the US and owned by Al Jazeera to register as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Although we respect Mr. Toossi’s right to express his opinion, we take serious issue with his attempt to speak on behalf of the Iranian American community in its entirety. This is an effort by NIAC and the regime’s operatives in the US to take advantage of the Iranian American community’s grievances and once again, deceptively claim that they represent all of us. Iranian Americans comprise a vibrant community that is characteristically diverse in ethnic backgrounds, faiths, and political persuasions. One organization cannot speak on behalf of us all and NIAC is far from having that privilege. In light of their connection to the Islamic regime and advocating in its interests, Mr. Toossi and the organization he works for have relinquished the right and the merit to speak for Iranian Americans; now and ever.

In solidarity,

Iranian Americans for Liberty

Published by US Iran Policy Observer

A Foreign Policy Forum for Iranian Americans

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